The Archers Book list

(Thanks go to Peter Tewkesbury, who was my only source of information for most of the books before 1990)

The Archers of Ambridge (novel) Geoffrey Webb & Edward J Mason. Newnes 1954

Meet the Archers: Your favourite players in picture and story Newnes 1955

The Archers Intervene – A New Story of the Ambridge Folk. Geoffrey Webb & Edward J Mason Hetnemann 1956

Joey of The Archers. Herbert Dibb Cage Birds 1956

Dorris Archer's Farm Cookery Book. Gwen Berryman Museum Press 1958

Peggy Archers Book of Recipes. BBC 1968 Paperback

The Archers – A Slice of My Life (autobiography) Godfrey Basely Sidgwick & Jackson 1971

Dorris Archer's Diary – Selections from 21 Years of the Archers. Jock Gallagher BBC 1971

A Village Portrait. Godfrey Basely Sidgwick & Jackson 1972

Forever Ambridge (Chronicles 1951 – 1975) Norman Painting Michael Joseph 1975 Paperback Sphere 1976

25 Years of The Archers – Who's Who in Ambridge. Jock Gallagher BBC 1975

Spring at Brookfield. Brian Hayles Wingate 1975, paperback Tandem 1975 Large print paperback W H Allen Crescent paperbacks 1986

Ambridge Summer. Keith Miles Wingate/BBC 1975, Paperback Tandem 1975 Large Print Crescent.

Cottage Cooking from Pebble Mill. Mollie Harris BBC Books 1976

The Archers Country Cookbook. Martha Woodford (Mollie Harris) Hutchinson 1979 Paperback Arrow 1979

Forever Ambridge (Chronicles 1951 – 1980) Norman Painting Michael Joseph 1975

The Archers – The first 30 years. Edited by William Smethurst Eyre Methuen 1980

The Life & Death of Dorris Archers (Autobiography). Gwen Barryman Methuen 1981, Large Print edition Chivers 1982

Ambridge – An English Village Through the Ages by Jennifer Aldridge & John Tregorran William Smethurst Borcheser Press/ Eyre Methuen/BBC 1981 paperback as above 1982.

Reluctant Archers (autobiography) Norman Painting Granta Editions 1982

Rural Class Struggle in Ambridge Fred Borage (limited edition of 130 signed and numbered copies) Novenmber Books 1982

Dan Archer – the Ambridge Years William Smethurst & Anthony parkin BBC/Michael Joseph Rainbird 1984, Larger print Chivers 1985, Paperback Sphere 1986

The Archers – The Official Companion William Smethurst Methuen/BBC 1986

Ambridge Book of Country Cooking by Caroline Bone William Smethurst Methuen/BBC 1986

Unheard of Ambridge – The Ones That Don't Speak Merrily Harpur Penguin 1986

The Archers – The New Official Companion. Willliam Smethurst Weidenfile & Nicholson/BBC 1987 Weldenfeld 1988

The Archers Quizbook Liz Rigbey BBC 1988

The Archers: To the Victor the Spoils Jock Gallagher Paperback BBC 1988 Large print Isis 1990, (audio version read by Nina Holloway, Oasis Audio Books

The Archers: Return to Ambridge Jock Gallagher Paperback BBC 1988

The Archers: Borchester Echoes Jock Gallagher Paperback BBC 1988

The Archers Omnibus Editions (containing To the Victor the Spoils , Return to Ambridge, Borchester Echoes) Jock Gallagher Guild Publishing 1988

The Archers Book of Farming and the Countryside Anthony Parkin BBC 1989

The Archers Omnibus – The BBC's Official Companion to Radio's Most Popular Serial Jock Gallagher BBC Books 1990.

Jennifer Aldridge's Archers Cookbook Angela Piper David & Charles 1994

The Book of The Archers Patricia Greene, Chales Collingwood & Hedli Niklaus Michael Joseph 1994 paperback Michael joseph 1995

Fourteen Ways of Listening to The Archers Cliff Yates Smith (Doorstep Books) 1994

The Archers Pantry Angela Piper Ebury Press 1997

Shula's Story Joanna Toye BBC 1995

The Archers, the true story William Smethurst Michael O'Mara Books Ltd 1997. Revised and re titled The Archers – The History of Radio's Most Famous Programme in 2000.

The Archers - The Official Inside Story Vanessa Whitburn. Virgin Books 1996.

Who's Who in The Archers Keri Davies BBC Wordwide Ltd 1999.

Who's Who in The Archers 2001 Keri Davies BBC Wordwide Ltd 2000.

Who's Who in The Archers 2002 Keri Davies BBC Wordwide Ltd 2001.

Lynda Snell's Heritage of Ambridge Carole Boyd Virgin Publishing Ltd. 1997

The Archers 1951- 1967, Family Ties Joanna Toye BBC Worldwide Ltd. 1998

The Archers 1968- 1986, Looking For Love Joanna Toye BBC Worldwide Ltd. 1999

The Archers 1987- 2000, Back to the Land Joanna Toye BBC Worldwide Ltd. 1999

The Archers Annual 2000 Kate Willmott & Hedli Niklaus BBC Worldwide Ltd. 2000

The Archers Annual 2001 Kate Willmott & Hedli Niklaus BBC Worldwide Ltd. 1999

Images of the Archers - a celebration of 50 years Village Voice Co Ltd. 2001

The Archers Encyclopedia Joanna Toye & Adrian Flynn BBC Worldwide Ltd. 2001


The Archers – A play in Three Acts Edward j Mason & Geoffrey Webb Evan Bros, 1955

Borchester Sketch Series of pull out pages in Daily Sketch. First published 1958.

Borchester Echo & Village Voice (1st issue 1990).

Tom Forrest's Country Calender Edited by Charles Lefeaux. Compiled from material for The Archers written by C Gordon Glover & Phill Drabble BBC 1978.

Readers Digest – 35 Years Anniversary John Ennis Readers Digest 1986

Ambridge Map Illustration by Robert Jones. David & Charles 1986.

40 Years of an everyday Story Jan Stretch published privately 1991

The Archers A booklet with character profiles BBC 1991.

Who's Who in Ambridge Paul Shuttleworth et al BBC 1993, 1994, 1995.

The Official Map of Ambridge.Illustrated by Roy Barnes. Text adapted by Hedli Niklaus from The Book of the Archers. Old House Books 1994.

Ambridge & Borchester District – The Definitive Map Magnetic North (Draughtsman Ltd) 1999.

The Ambridge Panarama Magnetive North (Draughtsman Ltd) 2000.