The Archers Animals

This page is dedicated to the real stars of the worlds longest running fly-on-the-wall documentary. I'm referring, of course, to the animals.

Thanks to all the folk for Saddicts users Peri, Mel, Riki, Sheena, Teabag & Tim for adding things that I forgot, or couldn't find in the books.


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Clint Grange farm turkey intended for 1989 Christmas dinner, until rescued by William Grundy

Eccles. Peacock that appeared at the Bull in 1993. Disappeared, to be replaced by Elvis, Madonna and Marilyn, who all met with untimely deaths. Eccles apparently then decided to saunter back once the competition had gone.

Eleanor. Nigel Pergetters Haris Hawk. Used for hawking demonstrations at Lower Loxely. She has been known to fly off to the Chilterns for a few days.

Jessica. Resident of Neil Carters Battery hen unit. Rescued and cared for by Laura Archer.

Ginger - the escape artist chicken - from Bitty's free range coop who met her demise when she got plucked from the sky by Nigel's Harris Hawk (Eleanor)

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Sammy. Peggy Woolies cat. Died in 2000.

Bill & Ben. Found, near their dead, wild cat, mother, by Joe Grundy. He persuaded Peggy Wooley to take them on after Sammy died.

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Ellie-May Jersey.

Baby Spice

Ginger Spice

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Doughnut. Fawn found and hand reared by Caroline Bone. It's mother had been killed by poachers.

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Bettina. One of Mrs A's Afghan hounds.


Captain. Jack Wolleys Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Won "Dog looking most like it's master" Competition. In 1987, he Fathered 9 mongrel puppies by Portia (below). If anybody ever works out how a Staffordshire Bull Terrier can mate with an Afghan hound, please keep it to yourself. Died in 1991

Charlie. Nelsons cocker spaniel bitch, taken on by Mrs A after Nelson vanished.

Charles Peregrine III. Charlie was an Old English Sheepdog, owned by Caroline when she first moved to Grey Gables. Shot by Mike Tucker for worrying sheep.

Gyp. Jethros dog bought for him by Phil Archer. Gyp "Took tea" with Jethro every afternoon. Later owned by the Grundy family. Died in the fire at Grange farm in 1996.

Hermes. The runt of Captain and Portia's pups. Taken in by Lynda Snell.

Jet working dog at Brookfield. Found David Archer on new years day 2001, after he had been stuck in a ditch, under a cow overnight.

JR. Robin Stokes Jack Russell. Brought by Caroline Bone as a present after Patch was killed (see below).

Leo. Great Dane, owned by Caroline Bone. Was fed on Walter Gabriels "Grannies embrocation" so that Caroline could work.

Meg. William Grundies Dog (border collie?). Meg found Joe when he went missing.

Mitch. Greg Turner trained his dog to growl whenever he hear the name Matt Crawford.

Nell. Dan's sheep dog that he trained during his retirement.

Patch. Robin Stokes old English sheepdog. Arrived in Ambridge with Robin. Died after eating a poisoned egg, illegally used by George Barford against corvids.

Portia. One of Mrs Antrobus's Afghan Hounds

Scruff - crossed German Shepard. Shula & Alistair aquired him in Aug 2003 as the anti horse-slasher guarddog.

Tess. Grundy family Dog. Had to go the Brookfield when Grundies evicted from Grange Farm, but was first thing to be fetched when they moved back into Ambridge.

Winston. Rosemary Tarrant found this injured Terrier in 1989. However, the dog had to be put down after a series of attacks. Buried in Garden of Honeysuckle cottage.

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Rosie Walter Gabriels Elephant appeared in 1957 summer festival.

Tiny Tim Rosie's baby.

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Mr Archer

Mrs Archer

Mr Noah

Mrs Noah



Tex. Eddie Grundys "famous ferret".

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Demeter & Pesephone two goats purchased by Lynda Snell in 1987

Rhoda & Rosie Purchased,in 1975, by Betty Tucker to provide milk for sale to health food shops.

Daisy & Heidi. Goats owned by Laura Archer.


Harry Daniel Lloyds Pet hamster. Given to him by his adopted father Alistair.


BartlebyJoe Grundies Pony. Often seen around the village pulling Joe in his prized trap.

Blossom and Boxer. Brookfield farms last working horses. Last heard of in 1958, when they were briefly brought out of retirement.

Chandler. Alice Aldridges pony. Named after a character in TV's Friends.

Ippy. Caroline Bones dark bay gelding, purchased in 1990 after Ivor was put down. Ippy was stolen in March 1993, never to be found :o(

Ivor. Caroline Bones horse, was was put down in 1990.

Maisie Caroline's mare.

Midnight. Christine Archers horse purchased by Dan for 60 guineas for her 21st birthday. Midnight was rescued from fire at the stables, but Grace Archer died when she saved him.

Red Link owned by Chris and Paul Johnson. ridden by Champion rider Alan Oliver. Won 2nd place in 1957 Horse of the Year show at Badminton. Sold to Oliver at the end of that year.

Red Knight. Wedding present from Ralph Bellemy to Lillian. Ridden by a teenage Shula. Destroyed after having been hit by a car.

SpearmintAlice's showjumper.

Tolly. Debbies horse.

Velvet. Helen Archers Pony. Brought by her parent from the Aldridges.

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Tarka. Wild Otter named by Jack Wooley. Was briefly resident in the Am. Grey Gables Bar was named after it.

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Eric Gloucester Old Spot boar owned by Tommy Archer, but on long term loan to Neil Carter to provide weeners. Eric is an expert escape artist, and has wrecked several local gardens.

Freda. A middle white sow, acquired by Dan Archer in 1987. Stayed at Nightingale farm where Ruth Pritchard cared for her. After she gave birth to Milly and Molly on Christmas day 1991, Phil Archer decided to send her to Market in the following February. There must be a moral there somewhere.

Pinky. Pig won by Susan Horrobin at the Village fete. She had to ask Neil for advice on pig husbandry. Romance blossomed after this.

Playboy. The name given by Phil Archer to the boar in the Hollowtree pig unit.

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