So far, the collective memory of a few of us has come up with the following names. There are several holes, and probably numerous mistakes. If you know any names that we've forgot, or got wrong, then please let me know.

Teachers NameSubjectsOther Roles
Mr Steve AthertonGeographyForm Teacher for Y, years 3 to 5
Mr BettsHistory 
Mr Steve BradshawPhysics 
Mr Victor BroadrickMaths 
Mr Richard K. C.TD and Maths 
Miss S.M. CaltonEnglishForm Teacher for 1Y to 2Y
Mr CarreGermanForm teacher for 4X
Mr A.J. ClaytonPhysical Education 
Mr C. Delstanch (sp?) Music and PE 
Mr DavisEnglishForm teacher for 1X to 3X
Mrs FlynnFrenchForm teacher for 5X
Mr Phil A FowlerTD and Electronics 
Mr GallagherHead Teacher 
Mr HeathGeography 
Mr HighfieldPE (esp Rugby) 
Mr Jefferson Physical Education  
T.G.L. Geography 
Mr B.G.Moore Physical Education  
Mrs MajorChemistry 
Mr McLennen Maths 
Mr Eric MorleyTD5th Year Tutor & careers advisor
Miss J.M. PalmerEnglish 
Mr Peter E. PickeringPhysical Education 
Miss PryzbosEnglishForm Teacher for Z, and now married to Mr Pickering
Mr Punt(er?)Maths 
Mrs RobinsonEnglish 
Mr SpiersMetalwork 
Mr Ken StrangerFrenchCarrying Torch at Disco's
Mr E.L. TrashkaChemistry 
Dr TurnerDeputy Head Teacher