5Y in 1977-78

So far, the collective memory of a few of us has come up with the following names. There are probably numerous mistakes. If you know any names that we've got wrong, then please let me know.

Back row: Nigel Griffiths, Colin Reedman, Mark Beales, Stuart Moir, Eric Bradshaw, Graham Dutton.

4th Row: Richard Burton, Stephen Smith, Tony Henry, Stewart Bloomer, Gordon Hollis, Larry Little.

3rd Row: Katherine Mee, Susan Ford, Julie Bowler, Dawn Sergent, Christopher Squires, Steven Austin.

2nd Row: Pamela Dudley, Tracy Lawson, Jane Shelton, Julie Mathews, Jackie Cooper.

Front Row: Michelle Garford, Melane Mackintosh, Catherine Ward, Debbie Holmes, Lorraine Fowler, Sharon Yeates.