2Y in 1974-75 with form Teacher, Mrs Calton

So far, the collective memory of a few of us has come up with the following names. There are a few holes in our collective memory, and probably numerous mistakes. If you know any names that we've forgot, or got wrong, then please let me know

Back row: Richard Burton, Nigel Griffiths, Stuart Moir, Andrew Taylor, Eric Bradshaw, Graham Dutton, Stewart Bloomer, Melvin Bailey, Mark Beales.

Middle Row: Gordon Hollis, Tony Henry, Chris Squires, Stephen Smith, Jackie Cooper, Katherine Mee, Julie Bowler, Martin Chambers, Anthony Bowman, Steven Austin, Larry Little.

Front Row: Debbie Holmes, Sharon Yeates, Vicky Shilton, Angela Blount, Karen Glover, Jane Shelton, Tracy Lawson, Lorraine Fowler, Catherine Ward.