2X in 1973-74 with form teacher Mr Davis.

So far, the collective memory of a few of us has come up with the following names. There are probably numerous mistakes. If you know any names that we've got wrong, then please let me know

Back row: Karl Moore, Charles Murdy, Craig James, Stephen Green, Roy Smith, Perry Shaw, Andrew Potter, Phillip Rawlings, Paul Martin.

Middle Row: Ian Campion, Bradley Herod, Dorothy Ragbear, Carol Dobson, Margaret Dobbs, Karen Rowe, Joy Burrell, Diane Summerfield, Sally Woodhouse, Susan Weatherall, Jane Beeton, Julie Neale, Richard Alliss, Geoffrey Croome.

Front Row: Jane Truman, Diane Poyzer, Daljit Johal, Angela Walker, Deborah Mcdermott, Kim Fields, Julie Shaw, Pamela Harrison, Tracy Waite.